"Ford" History in Fairbanks

1910 Our earliest recollection of an existing Ford dealership was in 1910. Jim Barrack was the owner of the Ford dealership which operated out of Samson Hardware on Turner Street.
1940's In 1946 or 1947, Jim Barrack sold the dealership to Dan Lahman and the business was moved to the 300 block of Second Avenue becoming Dan Lahman Motors.
1950's Late in 1950, Dan Lahman sold the dealership to Lyle Clay. About a year and a half later, Lyle Clay sold the dealership back to Dan Lahman. About this time, the dealership was relocated several times. First, in 1952, it was moved to 10th and Barnett. Next, in 1953, it was moved to the 1900 block of Cushman in a building owned by Bob Mitchell. Then, in 1954, the dealership was moved again, down the street to the 1800 block. In 1955, Dan Lahman sold the dealership to Lonnie Hall and his partner George Nehrbas. The business was moved back to the Second Avenue location on the corner of 2nd and Noble Streets. It was named Noble Street Motors.
1960's In the early 60's, Lonnie Hall bought out George Nehrbas. After the death of Lonnie Hall in April 1969, Jim Thompson purchased the business and the dealership was renamed Jim Thompson Ford Sales.
1970's In 1973, Jim Thompson moved the business to 530 Steese Highway. In August, 1977 Ralph Seekins purchased the business from Jim Thompson with the help of Don Chandler through Ford Motor Company's Dealer Development program. The business was renamed Seekins Ford-Lincoln-Mercury, Inc, of which Ralph Seekins later became the sole owner. Mr. Seekins was born in Duluth, Minnesota. He attended Wheaton College in Illinois. In 1968 he moved to Elmer City, Washington where he worked for Green Truck and Equipment as a welder/mechanic. He married in 1969 and he and his wife, Connie, moved to Seattle. In 1970, he began working in retail sales for William 0. McKay Co., a Ford dealership, and was promoted to Fleet Manager and Manager of First National Auto Lease. In 1974, Mr. Seekins moved his family to Fairbanks to accept the position of Sales Manager working for Jim Thompson Ford Sales prior to his purchasing the business in 1977. He and his wife, Connie, have four children: Aaron, Ben, Andrea, and Beth.
1980's Construction of a new building began in 1982. Upon completion in December, 1982, the business was moved to its present location: 1625 Seekins Ford Drive.
1990's Still "Right Here" and growing - in 1990, a large addition was built and a Fast Lube Department was added along with the expansion, relocation and addition of other departments within the dealership.
2007 The dealership celebrated 30 years as Seekins Ford-Lincoln-Mercury and in November of 2007, Seekins Ford-Lincoln-Mercury purchased the KIA franchise from Aurora Motors.
2008 Seekins Ford converted its Fast Lube Department to a Ford Franchised Quick Lane which added tires, brakes and light repairs and more for all makes and models of vehicles. Seekins Ford will continue to grow and continues to build new buildings and good relationships with its employees and its customers. Being able to do so is an impressive reflection of the loyalty, ability and dedication our employees have shown over the years we have been in business.
2009 Seekins Ford dropped its affiliation with KIA simply because, in the view of the Company's President, KIA business practices regarding warranty repairs would have caused the dealership to treat KIA owners in a manner that would defraud them of legitimate warranty coverage.
2010 Ford Motor Company announced it would no longer manufacture Mercury cars or trucks and would expand Ford and Lincoln models to cover the Mercury market niche. The dealership changed its name to Seekins Ford Lincoln.
2012 Seekins Ford added on to the front of the dealership, giving us a Lincoln showroom. In addition there was a new drive through car wash and new detail bays giving more room to the Quick Lane department.